How to Be the Cure

The energy on the Planet is changing rapidly — and so are our thoughts and habits. This class will show you how to navigate the psychic pressure of this time and use your creative energies to bring about something truly new to the world.

The Art of Beautiful Relationships

L O V E is a verb, not a noun. And it takes practice to express it. In this class, Guru Jagat will walk you through a fundamental relationship teaching to completely transform your relationships — and if you’re single, you’ll learn how to increase your magnetism to attract the right person.

The Sacred Temples of Sound


Enter the magical realms of sound. Guru Jagat talks about learning Japji and other mantras, the magnetic quality and depth of these sound technologies, and why having a pure heart and intention is most important.

Immense Vitality


In this video, you’ll discover common myths about women’s metabolisms and why self-care has become commodified. Figure out your vitality equation and structure your perfect 24-hour day. Plus, learn about the endocrine system, cold showers, and sleep habits.

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