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RA MA TV Feel Better Now {Welcome}

Welcome to RA MA TV

Meet Pritam Siri, a Kundalini Yoga teacher from RA MA New York sharing the benefits of Kundalini Yoga and these simple practices to get started and feel better immediately.


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Kundalini yoga is for all ages and all levels of experience. It acts fast and opens new pathways for you to gain energy and enjoy your life. Enjoy these short practices that activate your glandular system, reset your nervous system, build radiance and generally make you feel good!

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RA MA TV is an online destination for Kundalini Yoga classes, workshops, courses and more. Every day, RA MA TV airs live yoga classes from our studios in Los Angeles and New York City. Stream the classes on any device, chat live with practitioners from around the world, and enjoy our 5,000+ video archive of Kundalini Yoga & meditation classes.

Our classes are curated to tailor to your specific goals and are appropriate for beginners and advanced practitioners.
Create your own daily practice on RA MA TV.

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