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Mental and Instinctual Clarity during Mercury Retrograde

April 14, 2017 1 hr 29 min

We have the possibility of experiencing infinity in a finite form, and we must develop strong roots of the auric body to sustain such prosperity. Concentration, Intentional Reorganization. Through nerve and pranic stretching, we reorganize the instinctual and learned patterns in lower triangle. 19th Pauri of Japji dissolves self-destruction and gives you the intelligence of the universe. Mercury ... Learn more
Home » Kriya for the Instinctual Self

Lower Triangle Transformation for Creativity


November 28, 2015 1 hr 24 min

We have certain instincts in us that are animal instincts and when we transmute them into a higher vibration it becomes creativity. What we yearn for is not a thing or a person outside of us, it may be in the great beyond, but it is always and only accessible through ourselves. 10-stroke breath meditation ... Learn more