Creativity Hacks: Part I


July 24, 2019 1 hr 35 min

In the pursuit of Creativity, there are many shortcuts we can practice. In this class, we will cover three of them.  One is to stimulate the 7th rib, the seat of all creativity. Two, is to develop the relationship with our soul and the sensitivity to know who we really are. Three is to get ... Learn more

The Ten Bodies of Creativity with Raghubir – The Soul Body


September 25, 2018 1 hr 33 min

Think of your Soul Body as your inner self and your very best friend. It’s also your intuitive, creative, happy, infinite and compassionate self. So if your soul body is not in balance, you’ll feel it right away. As a creative person, you’ll feel out of sorts, at a loss for what to do, you ... Learn more