Beginning Kundalini: Session 4


Beginning Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a technology of personal change and discovery: How to achieve strength, clarity, and grace. It is systematic, comprehensive, and complete. New to Kundalini Yoga? Everything you need to know to start out on your personal journey is here. Whether you are brand new to Kundalini Yoga or have been practicing for 25 years, this series is designed to give you practical know-how and deeply meditative experiences. This class series with Mandev will be experientially-based—meaning she’ll not only tell you about how powerful Kundalini Yoga is and explain how to use it to drop subconscious blocks and clear the chakras…she will also show you and allow you to experience it for yourself. When you have an experience it’s yours forever. Your experience allows you to absorb the immense energy available in a lasting and powerful way. Mandev will guide you through each class with an emphasis on posture, technique, and energy, opening a space where you will discover hidden realms of your energetic system. Learn the basics of Kundalini Yoga, so that you feel prepared to join any class.

Session 4: The Power of the Bhandas

In today’s session, learn and practice the locks, or bandhas. The bhandas are like energetic seals which consolidate and direct your pranic energy within the body to help heal, energize and strengthen your entire energetic system. One of the keys of Kundalini Yoga, the locks open the doorway into mystic, vast, esoteric energetic spaces within you, within the cosmos. Experience the infinite flow of energy in you through a series of yogic postures and movement. Deeply renew your entire being in a special rebirthing meditation. Practice Sat Kriya, a powerful kriya which generates an immense energy, taking the lower chakra energy and moving it upwards into the higher chakras, higher realms of you. Renew. Heal. Be you.

The bandhas or locks are a key component of your practice. They consolidate & direct your prana within the body to help heal, energize & strengthen your entire energetic system. In Sat Kriya we pull the locks, which directly stimulates the Kundalini energy. Sat Kriya is deeply healing & renewing. It opens, balances & tunes the chakras, activating all eight chakras to their basic activity. Energize. Heal. Renew.

About Mandev

Mandev Khalsa is an award-winning filmmaker and creator of My Moon Map™, an iOS mobile app to track your moods and behavior pattern using the ancient yogic science of the moon centers. For years, Mandev has deeply researched esoteric energetic structures in yogic teachings to discover energy and power. Mandev teaches at RA MA institute. Her classes feature deep breathing, mantra, meditation, and gong relaxation. She seamlessly guides the class through a mandala of yogic postures, pranayam, and meditation with an emphasis on conscious breathing, proper posture, applying precise techniques to open an infinite flow of energy in you. Mandev provides invaluable insight into how to apply yogic teachings in a practical, modern way. She teaches how love, happiness and prosperity is a frequency you can subscribe to. Her classes focus on removing blocks, installing prosperity patterns, weaving celestial sound codes, karma clearing, third eye-opening, mind crystallizing, heart opening, soul downloading. Each class with Mandev is fun, deeply transformative, and profoundly healing. She travels the world with her teacher and husband Harijiwan leading kundalini trainings, yatras, and women’s programs. Mandev recently launched a complimentary virtual women’s community: the Inner Moon Circle, inviting women around the world to realize the infinite stream of energy at their fingertips through mapping the moon centers, unlocking the power of the auric field, and exploring and applying the vast ocean of women’s teachings Kundalini Yoga has to offer. Connect with Mandev on Instagram: @mandevkhalsa & @mymoonmap. Find out about upcoming yoga classes, trainings, yatras and more events: