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Guru Jagat
1 hr 30 min

All Eyes on the Miraculous

Joanna's birthday!

Making yourself visible to the universe so that miracles can find you. Finding things that you didn't know you wanted, or weren't brave enough to admit (with the 33rd pauri).

Guru Ram Das was chosen because he was a very bright, radiant & magnetic boy. He was an orphan & always serving others.

You're never too young or too old to change your destiny.

In Guru Ram Das week, great miracles occur & are possible if you open yourself to them.

"Once upon a time the civilization on planet Earth got wiped out. It has happened four times. We are in the run of the fifth time. This is what has always happened, & humanity has never had a choice. I’m not asking you to believe it or to understand it. But, this time it is a little different. It will kill people & drown them in a flood of information. So, people who live with ego & maya, & who are attached to the Earth shall have no place, because all these walls, & all these personalities, will be publicly known...

You have to heal. That's the only deal you have. Seva. Service. Once you heal a person & servicefully, selflessly have an infinite jurisdiction, you will always be loved & remembered...But have patience. Patience pays. Prove it. When the karma of your previous incarnation will be cleansed out, & your courage is steady, then everything will start working for you without saying a thing. That is the state of life we must achieve...

It's time to spread not you, but the Word...Use Thou in this week discard “I”, miracles will happen." - Yogi Bhajan

Guru Jagat
1 hr 27 min

All is Full of Love

We are so Good at Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

The relationship is the highest form of yoga. Projecting your childhood wounds onto your lover while wearing your PJ’s and blaming them for all your problems is not going to get you long-lasting relationship.

Our weird ticks around relationships are hilarious. What can you do about this funny thing happening on the planet regarding relationships? You must prepare, train and purify yourself for it. You must vigorously amplify what’s good about yourself. After the good feeling biochemistry wears off (the in-love feelings) you have to be trained to stay elevated above the contempt that seeps in when you get triggered and the childhood trauma gets kicked up.

Some of the deepest spiritual work you can do in a relationship is to say to the other person, “you are right.” Even if you don’t think so, you are big enough to tell them. It will change your life and relationships. They are right/wrong - none of it matters.

Some people want the fight and that’s ok. Be honest about what you get off on. If you say you’re right, then you are halfway to a hot make-out or better. If you continue the fight, then what’s that going to get you?  See if you can really understand how the other person believes they are right. In yogic tradition this is Bodhisattva practice. You are making some else’s emotional well-being more important than your own.

Do you want to be reliving the power struggle you had with your siblings? That’s what you can rise above with the practice of empathy and seeing or at least saying you’re right.


40 Day RA MA Challenge Gyan Chakra Kriya (28:44)
2018 Global RA MA Meditation for Auric Projection (41:00)
Heart-opening Kriya and Ajai Alai meditation to amplify your intentions (52:00).