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Valentine’s Day Sale 2023

Valentine's Day Sale

Experience the Love you Desire 

This Valentine’s Day season, experience new, deeper, and more expansive layers of love. Whether you’re looking to attract the ideal partner, desiring to enhance your current relationships, or simply feel the call to show up more open-heartedly, use the wisdom and practices in these curated experiences to kick-start your expansion.

Through sophisticated yogic teachings, sound current science, partner practices, special mantras and meditations, learn how to foster the passionate, deep, and fulfilling relationships you desire and discover the multifaceted experience of higher love.

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Experiences on RA MA TV

Relay Arts: The Masculine and Feminine

Gain the foundational wisdom on conscious relationships in these prospective-shifting and life-changing workshops with Guru Jagat and Harijiwan. Explore the giver and taker dynamics, how to practice this high yoga of relay, and how to evolve continuously through your relationship with others.

The Relationship of Love

Take all of your relationships to the next level when you discover a real and deep experience of self-love. Transcend conflict and open the doors to another dimension of reality to walk through the world in love.

Love: Altitude & Alchemy: Digital Bundle

Expand your capacity to attract, hold, give, and receive love in this multifaceted bundle. Experience powerful partnership practice with Myrah and Robindra, self-love expansion yoga with Siri Rishi, and a powerful, love-lens expanding workshop with Mandev.

Sacred Feminine Devotional Arts

When you tap into the power of the feminine arts, the opportunity to give one’s gifts becomes second nature. Reach into yourself and rediscover the artfulness of the sacred feminine.


From our Global RA MA teachers, explore workshops to heal, reconnect with your soul’s power, interplay with the cosmic wisdom, and magnetize greater love. Practice with Tej, Mandev, Siri Rishi, and more.

Twin Violet Flame: Angelic & Ascended Master Sacred Relationship Technologies

In this day-long intensive with Guru Jagat and Isabelle von Fallois, merge deeper into harmonious activation of current relations and magnetically activate higher caliber relationship experiences on a soul level.

Ultimate Beauty Immersion

Experience in the alchemy of ancient yogic practices and secrets for radiance, longevity and vitality for all parts of the body and mind. Project your highest frequency internally and externally to attract, hold, and grow relationships of great caliber and enrichment.

Love & Relationships

Relationships are the highest form of yoga. Explore the deep well of yogic teachings on fulfilling love and relationships. Learn more about the mind-body connection and foster unique pathways to find enjoyment in all of your relationships.

Aquarian Women's Leadership Society

Explore the depths of self-love and your power to attain the relationships you want to experience in the magic of a supported, activated, and engaged global community of women. Use code AWLSVDAY at checkout.

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