About Charandev

Charandev has taught kundalini yoga classes and led trainings for several years. He delivers the teachings in an energetic, practical manner. He sees the kundalini technology as a high performance vehicle that arrives at the highest human experiences. 

Charandev is a longtime student of Harijiwan and has followed his teacher to Mexico, India, Nepal and Tibet to gain a real experience of the mystical kundalini energy. 

About Charandev

Charandev is a longtime yogi based in Venice. He studied extensively before finding his teacher Harijiwan. He has since followed his teacher all over the U.S. and the world.

Charandev is a kundalini teacher trainer in the K.R.I. Aquarian Academy, delivering the teachings in a practical, accessible manner. His classes are a real-time opportunity to connect to the dynamic, emboldened energy of the golden chain.