If you don’t break a sweat in your Kundalini practice every day, now’s the time to start. If you do, good! Now it’s time for an upgrade…

Introducing The Future of Fitness — a new series with Guru Jagat designed to be the most intelligent workout imaginable, for a conditioned, sparkling ten-body system. Our first video is a 25-minute session with RA MA’s most-loved kriyas to tone and sculpt the physical body, but also works to flush the internal organs, and builds up stamina to handle the pressures of our computerized age.

Bookmark this page & practice along with the video below. We want you to do this every day as part of your daily routine and see what happens.

Want more?

Try out these new workouts from Guru Jagat. The Future of Fitness is just getting started!

High Fidelity Physicality

Everything a workout should be.

Future of Fitness Workout 1

Interstellar Stamina

Optimal vitality from the inside - out.

Future of Fitness Workout 2

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