RA MA TV Courses


Live and on-demand courses to optimize your entire life. Rooted in the power of yogic science, these in-depth experiences cover everything from business, nutritional technology, to astrology and more. Choose your own adventure.

Business, prosperity & success teachings meet deep yogic practice to bring you consistent results.

A magical journey of self-development to generate profound and lasting change. With Harijiwan, Tej, Guru Jagat an Gurujas.

Study the cosmos, planetary movements, and astrology to change your life, your relationship to your natal chart, your point of view.

Turn on your body’s self-healing mechanisms using a sophisticated menu of foods, supplements, detox methods, and Kundalini yoga classes.

Explore energy amplification technologies, food combinations, the body’s natural healing processes & specific mantras, mudras and meditations for your sophisticated healing.

Learn transformative teachings on pregnancy, birth, pre-natal yoga and parenting with Guru Jagat, Tej, Harijiwan and Gurujas.

Vastu = astrological Feng Shui. In this course, astrology expert Tashi Powers shows you which elemental tools and placements work best with each astrological sign. 

Starting from ground zero, you’ll learn all the phases and aspects of Evolutionary Astrology with Tashi Powers.