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RA MA Foundation was created by Guru Jagat in 2016 to transform lives. With the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to live their healthiest, most empowered and abundant life, RA MA Foundation supports those seeking a new path forward.

Social Justice Collaborations

RA MA Foundation was founded on the ideals of social justice. We provide wellness programming and transformational tools that help people undo toxic stress.

  • We partner with social justice organizations to support the health and wellness of their staff and their constituents.
  • The burnout risk is high for those serving traumatized communities. And we want to support the well-being of people serving in this way so they can continue doing the life-changing work our neighbors need.
  • Services include: specially designed classes that reduce stress and teach short practices that can be used in the field, as well as in groups; use of our venue RA MA West Adams to host meetings, gatherings; access to our kundalini teachers and wellness practitioners to teach in organizations or the communities they serve.


Victory League

  • If you’ve been practicing kundalini yoga and meditation for a while, you know that its impact is profound and powerful. It can transmute trauma, create deep healing, and completely transform lives.
  • Through these practices, we can live our healthiest, most abundant lives. But not everyone has the resources to access these yogic tools and technologies. We are changing this.
  • As a member of Victory League, your monthly donation gives the gift of transformation to people from diverse and underrepresented communities who might not otherwise be able to afford them. Victory League funds are reserved for supporting our scholarship programs, so you know your money is going directly to someone who will benefit from the yogic teachings. When we can count on your monthly donation we can plan ahead to serve more people.


Your contributions will support these scholarships programs:
Level 1 Kundalini Teacher Training
Immense Grace
Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society
RA MA Business School

As a member of RA MA Foundation’s Victory League, you’ll receive a limited edition VICTORY pin from Featherheart Studios.