RA MA Foundation

RA MA Foundation

About RA MA Foundation

RA MA Foundation was created by Guru Jagat in 2016 to transform lives.

We believe the voices and leadership of people from historically underrepresented and oppressed communities are critical to local, regional, and global transformation, and that everyone deserves the opportunity to live their healthiest, most empowered and abundant life.

Our scholarship programs and our sliding scale community yoga space RA MA West Adams in South Los Angeles provides transformational tools that help undo the toxic stress that too many suffer from.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and other wellness practices have the power to help people reclaim wholeness and well-being, resulting in deep healing for themselves, their families, their neighbors and their neighborhoods.

Our Initiatives


A community space in South Los Angeles that provides sliding scale yoga and meditation, wellness programming, art, and more.


Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training and Women’s Empowerment programs for people from diverse and/or underrepresented communities.


RA MA Foundation is committed to social change and sparking conversation in the wellness industry. We’re constantly creating conversation, education and inspiring people to take action.

• Reality Riffing Podcast “Spirituality as Activism” Series
• Social Activism Programming at RA MA Festival
• ACTIVATE, a monthly curated prompt and group call centered on social justice issues and current events for the women of Aquarian Womxn’s Leadership Society 


RA MA University is an institution of higher education providing an experiential, interdisciplinary approach to holistic well-being, intellectual discovery and personal renewal. Using yogic science methodology and the tenets of creativity and critical thinking, RA MA University offers accredited degree and certificate programs, drop-in courses and unique experiences. RA MA University is projected to enroll its inaugural class in January 2021.

Community Wellness & Conversation

Our Partners

Loren Miller Recreation Center