The RA MA Foundation was created by Guru Jagat in 2016 to transform lives.

We believe the voices and leadership of people from historically underrepresented and oppressed communities are critical to local, regional, and global transformation, and that everyone deserves the opportunity to live their healthiest, most empowered and abundant life.

Through our 100% by-donation community yoga space RA MA East in South Los Angeles, and scholarship programs, we provide transformational tools that help undo the toxic stress that too many suffer from.

These wellness practices and yoga programming have the power to help people reclaim wholeness and well-being, resulting in deep healing for themselves, their families, their neighbors, and their neighborhoods.

Our current initiatives include:

RA MA East

A community space in South Los Angeles that provides 100% by-donation yoga and wellness programming, art, and more.


Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training and Women’s Empowerment programs for people from diverse and/or underrepresented communities.

Social Justice Collaborations

Provide yoga, meditation, and wellness directly to organizations solving social issues and their constituents.


Guru Jagat- Founder

Guru Jagat is the founder RA MA Foundation and RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology, a Kundalini yoga school with locations in Venice, California; Mallorca, Spain; and New York City, and the author of the bestselling book Invincible Living: The Power of Yoga, The Energy of Breath, and Other Tools for a Radiant Life.

Emily Casey – Director of RA MA Foundation

Emily Casey is a passionate leader, rooted in social justice values, driven by compassion. She steadily works to organize people and resources for peace by creating channels for the transformative practices of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and healing to be delivered to people and communities who can benefit. With an MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, Management she brings the organization a participatory approach to development and passion for getting to know and strengthen communities.


RA MA Foundation partners with organizations who align with our broader mission of bringing health and wellness to those who can benefit. If your organization is interested in collaborating please contact us.


RA MA Yoga East is a by-donation studio serving the diverse neighborhoods of South Los Angeles with transformational wellness programming, including yoga and meditation classes and community events. At RA MA Yoga East we know that yoga, meditation, and community heals stress and pain and amplifies joy and vitality.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live their healthiest, most empowered life, and that life-changing wellness tools must be available to everyone no matter their circumstance. Regular yoga classes are 100% By Donation and your contributions are essential. Donations of any amount for classes you attend are in investment in this community this space, and your teachers. We support our teachers by splitting class donations with them 50/50 because we know that it is important to pay people for their service. Ask about our pay it forward options, scholarships, and volunteer opportunities. Suggested Donations

  • $5-$15 per class
  • 5 class pass $89
  • 10 class pass $59
  • Unlimited Monthly $79
  • Annual Pass $69 per month (1-year commitment)
  • Work Exchange – 1 hour of work = 1 class

Schedule a class here.



RA MA Yoga East is a 100% by-donation studio serving the diverse neighborhoods of South Los Angeles with transformational wellness programming, including yoga and meditation classes and community events.  Check out our yoga and events schedule here. Two of our favorite community events happen monthly:

  • RA MA Recitations: Spend time together chanting  sacred sounds to create healing and prosperity in your life and community
  • Open Mic: Come share your most creative self in a safe space. Offerings often include comedy, music, and spoken word.

Our space is also available for photo and filming shoots, community events, and more.



The yoga industry is notorious for being dominated by white women and in alignment with our mission of making yoga and meditation more inclusive RA MA Foundation awards this scholarship to black, indigenous, and people of color and all genders. We choose candidates who demonstrate a commitment to their practice, who belong to underrepresented communities, and who demonstrate the desire and capacity to become leaders who serve and strengthen their communities. Representation is critical and having diverse teachers and inclusive leadership is essential for spreading these powerful yogic practices so that can heal people from the inside out. We offer Level 1 Teacher Training in Los Angeles, CA; New York NY; and Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

SCHOLAR SPOTLIGHT:  One scholar, a Native American from South Dakota, teaches Kundalini Yoga to the women on her reservation. Another scholar has become a teacher at RA MA East and assists with outreach and teaches to the LGBTQ community. SCHOLARSHIP Applications are open now and we accept people on a rolling basis. Apply here.


Immense Grace and international seven-month intensive womxn training. Participants delve into yogic teachings of self love, creativity, prosperity, business, and more. They spend time practicing yoga and meditation while building community in person and online. Immense Grace happens annually and the at the culmination of each program participants deliver a creative project- in the past these have ranged from a book, to performance, to a mini TED style talk. Members of Immense Grace are transformed through the intentional process of applying the yogic teachings to their lives. RA MA Foundation prioritizes scholarships for black, indigenous, and people of color; people who are recovering from trauma and disease; and people who are low-income. When possible we offer additional scholarships to mothers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries of all heritages. We encourage everyone who identifies with the above to apply.

SCHOLAR SPOTLIGHT:  One woman came from a history of severe depression and anxiety and had considered suicide. In the year since she was awarded a scholarship, she has become an active member of her local community and the global RA MA community, an advocate for women’s empowerment and an entrepreneur with a new business sharing her art with the world. Scholarships are OPEN for Immense Grace 2019-2020.  Apply here. If you do not qualify for a scholarship, please see if you’re eligible for our Work Exchange program.


AWLS is a rapidly growing exclusively online global community of womxn. The society is focused around an online portal which is updated every New Moon with exciting content related to self growth, self improvement, and self love. Topics include, yoga, meditation, diet, activism, creativity and more. In addition there are multiple monthly calls to dive deeper into the various subjects led by Guru Jagat and other women who are leaders in their field. The AWLS Scholarship Program is our broadest offering and we do our best to accept womxn of all circumstances. Priority is given to black, indigenous, womxn of color and those who are low income. Scholarships are accepted on a rolling basis and we make awards around each New Moon. You can apply HERE. If you do not qualify for a scholarship, please see if you’re eligible for our Work Exchange program.


The RA MA Foundation was founded on the ideals of social justice. We provide wellness programming and transformational tools that can help people undo toxic stress. We partner with social justice organizations to support the health and wellness of their staff and their constituents. The burnout risk is high for those serving traumatized communities. And we want to support the well-being of people serving in this way so they can continue doing the life-changing work our neighbors need. Services include: specially designed classes that reduce stress and teach short practices that can be used in the field, as well as in groups; use of our venue RA MA East to host meetings, gatherings; access to our kundalini teachers and wellness practitioners to teach in organizations or the communities they serve.


At RA MA Foundation we are building a community of changemakers and there lots of ways become part of this vision!

Make a one-time donation

Sponsor a Scholar

Work Exchange


Victory League – An Aquarian Age Giving Club

If you’ve been practicing kundalini yoga and meditation for awhile, you know that its impact is profound and powerful. It can transmute trauma, create deep healing, and completely transform lives. Through these practices, we can live our healthiest, most abundant lives. But not everyone has the resources to access these yogic tools and technologies. We are changing this. As a member of Victory League, your monthly donation gives the gift of transformation to people from diverse and underrepresented communities who might not otherwise be able to afford them. Victory League funds are reserved for supporting our scholarship programs, so you know your money is going directly to someone who will benefit from the yogic teachings. When we can count on your monthly donation we can plan ahead to serve more people.

Your contributions will support these scholarships programs:

Level 1 Kundalini Teacher Training

Immense Grace

Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society

Aquarian Business Academy

As a member of RA MA Foundation’s Victory League, you’ll receive a limited edition VICTORY pin from Featherheart Studios.


If you’d like to fully sponsor an individual for any of our programs we are happy to arrange this. Please email [email protected] $797 sponsors a deserving womxn to join the Aquarian Womxn’s Leadership Society $1,100 allows one virtual participant to be transformed by the Immense Grace womxn’s program $2,500 underwrites a womxn’s full, in-person Immense Grace journey $3,495 sends one scholar from an underrepresented community through Level 1 kundalini teacher training


If you have skills and time and would like to participate in one of our programs, we invite you to contribute to RA MA Foundation as work exchange participant. In this role, you will work with the RA MA Foundation team and at times other work exchange participants to accomplish our mission of creating more equity and access to yoga, meditation, and healing. We seek assistance in fundraising, grant writing, marketing, graphic design, in-person event staffing, and blog content creation. Apply to become a work exchange participant HERE.


There are many volunteer opportunities with RA MA Foundation. Email us HERE to get in contact and be of service.

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