RA MA Foundation launched in 2016 with the goal of educating a new generation of leaders to create a new reality of a peaceful world, a clean environment, and a compassionate society.

Founded by Guru Jagat, CEO, and Founder of RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science & Technology, RA MA Foundation extends the reach of her mission by empowering underserved populations and communities in crisis with wellness techniques, tools, and experiences.

RA MA Foundation offers an opportunity to do things differently, to breathe differently, think different, and be different. Our focus is to increase access to wellness tools and techniques on a global scale through three distinct programs:


RA MA East

Located in West Adams, Los Angeles, California is a By Donation sanctuary space in a diverse neighborhood. Since opening in Fall 2017, our community is steadily growing. With a full schedule of yoga, meditation, and gong classes, RA MA East hosts workshops, trainings, and other educational events for men, women, and children of all ages.
Women’s Empowerment Scholarships
Our scholarship programs give women and teens an opportunity to develop their self-knowledge and cultivate community with fellow
practitioners. Immense Grace is a 7-month intensive program that offers women to form deep relationships with others and learn to love themselves. Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society is a global membership that includes monthly virtual calls, yoga practices, creative and holistic activities.
Deep Breath Initiative
A collection of short videos that teach simple 3-minute breathing techniques, which can be used anywhere by anyone to elevate their energy and improve their mood. These practical tools for stress reduction and vitality are targeted at campuses and corporations.
Victory League
A monthly giving program.
Looking Ahead
RA MA Foundation is focused on engaging the community at RA MA East through programming and bringing in specialized training and workshops to benefit the neighborhood. We look to increase the number of scholarships available for women and teens on a global scale. Targeted partnerships for Deep Breath Initiative will scale the program and reach new audiences.