Prosperity meditations to do every day.

Meet RA MA’s most-loved prosperity meditations: Gyan Chakra Kriya, Sobagh Kriya, Money Manifestation Meditation, Magnificent Mantra, and Ong Lakshman. They’re five key building blocks to totally change and amplify your success, riches and quantum destiny. 

#1: Expanded Destiny 
✨ Sobagh Kriya

Think of this as a one-way-ticket to your highest destiny stream. This five part kriya removes subconscious blocks to success, and also works to strengthen the navel and the arcline. The result? An energized, constructive path — and lots of surprising gifts from the Universe. Bonus: practice the full time video for a supreme uplevel.



#2: Just Magnetize It
✨ Gyan Chakra Kriya

Everything about this kriya is magic: in just 11 minutes, you get a tangible experience of increasing the velocity of your arcline frequency, plus a “Kundalini arms” workout. The swirling of higher energy is what magnetizes more material resources and high-vibration opportunities into your life. Want more? Do it twice a day.



#3: Prosperity Portal
✨ Money Manifestation Meditation

This Money Manifestation Meditation = cold, hard cash. Yogi Bhajan says, “This mudra (hand position) is a sign of prosperity. It is a money manifestation scheme. I know a person who won all the game. Because he believed, he did it, and he succeeded.”



#4: Where Magnificence Begins
✨ Magnificent Mantra

The Magnificent Mantra uses the Har Har Har Har Gobinday mantra, with an emphasis on HAR. This sound current is what dreams are made of: practice it daily for good luck, prosperity, and self-elevation. 



#5: Alchemy + Magic
✨ Ong Lakshman

Your go-to sound current for major manifestation. The mantra is an embodiment of the male polarity of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Chant it at least 11-22 times a day to start—and once you get there, keep going.



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