3:00pm- 5:00pm

Suggested Donation $25
RA MA East
1746 West Adams Blvd. Los Angeles, 90018

A Self Love ritual that will take you on a journey with the Spirit of the Rose flower. Rose’s energy is self-acceptance, tenderness, and love. We’ve all struggled with issues of worthiness or feeling inadequate and Self Love is the antidote.

The Ritual will include:
-Creating sacred space.
-Discuss Self Love’s importance and the difference between self-grandiosity.
-Learn how self-beliefs are formed from experiences, and how they influence our decisions.
-A guided meditation to receive a healing from the Plant Spirit of Rose, ask rose to heal the negative beliefs we have about ourselves. heal us from the wounds of the past.
-Create new beliefs as affirmations and discuss ways to integrate them.

Alejandro Raines is a healer, teacher, and mystic. He is a Reiki Master/Teacher, has completed three years of Shamanic Apprenticeship at the School of Sophia, and has been affiliated with The Mankind Project for four plus years. He has been channeling and communicating with Spirit Guides for five years.

He leads powerful shamanic journeys, guiding people in trance to heal the deepest parts of themselves, creating sacred space and working with the plant and animal spirits to heal. He provides skilled emotional facilitation to help restructure beliefs and empower people to be who they want to be.