The Replenishment & Rejuvenation Cycle

Monday, March 11 – Friday, March 15, 2019


Why Nourish Cleanse?

The RA MA Nourish Cleanse is designed to warm up, clean out and renew your whole body from the inside out.

It works with the body at the cellular DNA level — fighting internal fungi, bacteria and viruses and reconditioning all your overtaxed organs. The result? Lots of energy, radiant skin and ten-body harmony. 

Hands-down, the RA MA Nourish Cleanse is the most pleasurable way to cleanse while getting you into a very healing space. ?

A Food-Based Detox

Guru Jagat designed the RA MA Nourish Cleanse from her deep interest and experimentation in nutrition and longevity for 20+ years, and was even a pioneer in opening the first Raw Food boutique (which is still open in the East Village of New York).

Using yogic cleansing technologies, Ayurvedic science and the ancient healing wisdoms of the body, you’ll shed layers without a single hunger pang.

And this year, the nutrient-dense detox regimen has been reformulated with all-new recipes from Yogi Bhajan’s archival teachings on utmost human vitality.


guru jagat teaching

Detox your body internally, rebuild the nerves, and replenish your energy with two sittings of Deep Body Cleansing Kundalini Classes everyday at 7:30am with Adele and 9:00am with Guru Jagat.


guru jagat retreat

You’ll enjoy a whole menu of unique recipes and supplements to enhance your metabolism, support weight loss and give you lots of energy.


“The Nourish Cleanse was beyond what I expected and went deeper than I could have imagined…It was a chance to purge on a cellular level and this is where true change takes root. I feel this was a turning point experience for my growth as a spirit being becoming anew. Change is a only a choice away…choose wisely and commit to let this year take you there.” 

Grif Griffis

“I did this cleanse before Christmas and I am not one to finish these in the past. It was completely joyful after three days to be on the journey and my body felt alive like it had never felt before!!! One of my biggest accomplishments to date. It also inspired me to cook healthy, the experience changed my inner sanctuary.”



Monday, March 11 – Friday, March 15, 2019

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