We value Mothers + Motherhood in our community and welcome children at Camp Grace.  Please register your child and read the following guidelines for bringing your crystalline-cuties to Camp Grace:


    • Children 4-Year-Old and Under are Complimentary and Expected to Share a Bed with Mom.
    • Children 4-13 $349 Per Child and Receive their Own Food + Bed. 
    • Children 14 -16 are $749.
    • Children 17+ are Full Price and Receive their Own Food + Bed. 


  • We recommend upgrading your room to a Gold Shared or Gold Private room for maximum comfort for you, your child, and other attendees.  Consider teaming up with another mom + child for a Shared Gold Room for a more economical option.  If you do not upgrade your accommodations, you will be paired with other mothers + children in Standard Accommodations.
  • *If your child is male and over the age of 4* you are required to upgrade to a Gold Private Room or a Gold Shared Room with another mother with a male child.


  • Moms with children are asked to sit in the designated area in the Yoga Space.  This facilitates easy access for you in out of the room and gives your little one a bit of space to spread out with their toys, games, books, etc…
  • While baby and child noises are fine during the more dynamic parts of Camp Grace (Yoga, Dharma Study, Group Activity, Q & A), we do ask that you step out with your little one if these noises continue into the more meditative parts of the sessions.  If your child is joining us in the Yoga Space, you are responsible for their close supervision. Please also keep your child within close physical proximity to you if they are joining you in the Yoga Space.
  • In the case that your child may like to join you in the Yoga Space, bring toys, coloring, snacks, entertainment devices, etc… to keep them happy.  Likewise, children are welcome and encouraged to join for Sadhana–they can sleep!  Bring blankets and cozies.


  • Kids Camp at Camp Grace subject to sufficient enrollment.  Kids Camp includes daily activities for your children while you moms get some solo-time with Guru Jagat and the rest of Camp Grace.
  • In the case of insufficient enrollment, the back of the program room is reserved for moms with kids for easy come and go access and there is ample space for activities, reading, iPads, and simple/quiet games and crafts.
  • Please note that Kids Camp is not suitable for children under 5 Years or who are intolerant of separation from their mothers.
  • Kids Camp is NOT full-time child-care. Kids Camp coincides with Camp Grace session times. You’ll need to drop your kids off at the designated meeting point 15 minutes prior to each program session and you will need to pick your kids up promptly at the end of each program session.  Mothers are responsible for supervision of their children outside of designated Kids Camp Sessions.