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Corner Stone Practices of Kundalini Yoga
with Nam Satya

Kundalini Yoga and the Teachings of Yogi Bhajan hosts a vastness of information on different practices and subjects. In this workshop series, RA MA Mallorca resident teacher Nam Satya have hand plugged what she considered to be some of the most useful and inspiring teachings, and put together four workshops designed to work on various aspects of the human experience.

All workshops are 2.5 hours and will consist of Kundalini Yoga sets, meditations, lectures and explanations of techniques and teachings on the subject, as well as time for Q&A.

RA MA Institute Mallorca
Carrer Despuig, 51
Palma de Mallorca 07013

Technology of the Golden Shield

Sunday, February 2, 2020

9.30 – 12.00

It is possible to build up your energetic system and make it so strong that no matter where you go, you are always protected and can easily navigate life to live in your highest destiny.

In this workshop we will use mantras and meditations to build your protective forcefield, strengthen your aura and work out all of the tens bodies (that’s right, you have ten bodies!)

Learn Shabad Guru Technology, Gurmukhi (“from the Guru’s mouth”) teachings, and recitation practices that are said to “tip your aura with gold”, like the Re Man shabad and Ik Ardas. Practicing the mantras and learning how to use them can help align you with a higher destiny.


Love More

Sunday, March 1, 2020

9.30 – 12.00

Deepen your capacity to feel and tune into the frequency of Love in this workshop that has a special focus on expanding the Fourth Chakra – your Heart Center..

It’s said that the journey to enlightenment goes from the navel point to the heart center. But what does that mean and how can we gain an actual experience of it? If we can learn to expand our Heart Space energetically And physically, we are creating changes within our selves and in our environments that are deeply felt. This will help guide us and those nearest us towards a positive future of peace.


Healing Hands

Sunday, May 3, 2020

9.30 – 12.00

Anyone can become a healer. Yogi Bhajan gave specific and available tools that if practiced regularly over time can give you the capacity to perform healing on yourself and others.

In this workshop we will go over such techniques, and learn healing mantras, as well as go into deep meditations that can help bring out your healing potential.

Learn about the subconscious mind and how to clear it, yogic lifestyle advice that enhances your sensitivity towards energetics, and activate the energy in your hands to be ready to give and receive healing. Learning such techniques will improve your wellbeing – physically as well as energetically – and you will create an always-available-storage tank of personal healing power and energy.


Light of Unity

Sunday, June 7, 2020

9.30 – 12.00

In this workshop we will be focusing on redefining your love relationships and give you tools to succeed as a couple.

Many relationships erupt because we do not understand what a real love connection is, and we live in a fantasy world of romance. What we fail to realize is that a conscious relationship is the highest form of practice. But it is exactly that – a practice.

How can we transform a physical love connection into a conscious love relationship? And what tools do we find within Kundalini Yoga to support our journey into creating a sacred union? If we can learn the principles on which to create a solid base – it’s not necessarily what you think – then we gain more clarity on how to succeed in this complex practice and art of relationships.