Carolyn Barron is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and nutritionist, and the owner of Botanarchy Herbs & Acupuncture in Los Angeles, CA. She went down this path because for-profit industrialized medicine made her feel hopeless and disenfranchised, and she longed for the tools to take care of herself and her community when the system failed to protect and sustain them. Growing up a writer entrenched in the feminist movement, she has always been fervently motivated to shift the paradigms & politics of women’s bodies, and bridge the chasm between body and spirit by re-acquainting women with the magic of their biology. She believes medicine is a dynamic force that is ever-evolving, and is comfortable fusing her western clinical experience with diverse fields of natural medicine to provide holistic primary care to her community. As an acupuncturist at the Venice Family Clinic Integrative Medicine Chronic Pain Program, a clinical intern at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, and as the manager of a functional medicine practice specializing in chronic disease, she has spent the last 11 years in a clinical setting, supporting patients and their families through nutrition, needles, and natural medicines. Enshrined in her temple of saps, twigs, roots and resins, the gristle of her life has been teaching herself and others how to master the arcane as a vehicle for self-healing and self-reliance. Committed to destroying the institutionalized lies our culture propagates about food, wellness, consciousness and the body, she teaches her patients self-governance through ritual and DIY medicine, as tools of healing, self-care, body mastery, and eradication of externally-imposed dogma.
 Morgan Yakus, is a 20 year fashion veteran and former owner of No.6 store in New York’s Little Italy, turned bicoastal wellness expert who works with clients around the world, facilitating active meditation, modern integrative hypnosis, NLP and past life regression. She is a certified hypnotist, NLP practitioner and is certified in past life regression with Dr. Brian Weiss (Many Lives Many Masters). She is a resident practitioner at the annual Spirit Weavers Gathering and has hosted her series Mind Waves, workshops in NY, LA and London as well as the Soho House and Free People Escapes among others. She has created hypnotic art experiences at The Sound Thought Festival in Glasgow, Scotland, Obonjan Island, Croatia and held a healing residency at the Ace Hotel in New York. Morgan has written for and has been featured in publications such as VOGUEGOOP Elle UK, Man Repeller, Well + Good, Mind Body Green, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Free + Native and more.


3:00PM – 5:00PM



Please join Carolyn Barron of Botanarchy Herbs & Acupuncture and hypnotist Morgan Yakus of Mind Waves for a two hour workshop using hypnosis, sacred geometry acupuncture, and the power of intentional community to awaken a new sense of self and activate your latent potential.

New moons bring palpable possibility to the cosmos – join us in aligning with this potent gestational power and let’s transform together!

During this workshop, we will be harmonizing with the regenerative energetics of the new moon using an esoteric acupuncture pattern and deep meditation to assist you in awakening to your personal life path, and bring clarity to setting goals and making life decisions. This acupuncture pattern and meditation was designed to open doors that previously seemed closed, allowing you to unlock and release that which is ‘stuck’ in your energetic body, psyche, and spirit. This powerful treatment helps you change the core programming that is affecting your life and your body, allowing you to manifest a new sense of self and awaken the creative juices laying dormant inside you.