WITH ISABELLE VON FALLOIS: Founder of ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training and Best Selling Author

The Healing Power of the Angels
October 9-11, 2020

A 3-Part Series;  Join for the full event or an individual workshop

The Healing Power of the Angels
Friday, October 9, 2020
12:00pm – 6:00pm

Merangels – best friends for life
Saturday, October 10, 2020
12:00pm – 6:00pm

Mary Magdalene & The Divine Feminine
Sunday, October 11, 2020
12:00pm – 6:00pm

349€ Full Immersion

Day Drop Ins available for 120€

RA MA Institute Mallorca
Carrer Despuig, 51
Palma de Mallorca 07013

Pianist Isabelle von Fallois was diagnosed with a life-threatening form of leukaemia in 2000. After fighting for life and death for 4 years she had a profound encounter with Archangel Raphael that changed her life forever and helped her to heal.

From this moment on she studied various forms of energy healing, angels and coaching to be able to support people on their path.

In the meantime she wrote several bestselling books which were translated into several languages, recorded more than 50 meditations, developed the ANGEL LIFE COACH® Training, the ISIS ANGEL HEALING® and the MAGDALENE HEALING®, had her own radio show “Angel messages” for more than 2 years, was featured in lots of magazines like OM Times Magazine, Awareness Magazine, NEWsAGE, WOMAN, GLAMOUR, etc. and appeared on several DVDs with other famous people like Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, Lorna Byrne, Eric Pearl, Princess Martha Louise, etc., in spiritual movies and on German television.

Isabelle von Fallois’ mission is to travel through the world to help people to open their hearts to communicate with the Angels and other light beings and to live a life filled with love and miracles to make the world a better place.



Below is a summary of the workshops that are being presented by Isabelle, day by day —

Workshop # 1

This first workshop will be a discovery journey to get to know the Angels as companions on your path.

  • Realise thoughts and beliefs from the past that are holding you back.
  • Get to know the angels and angel themes.
  • Enjoy deeply transforming live-channelled Angel meditations.
  • Build a bond with the angels through meditations.
  • Learn other powerful and effective techniques to transform and enhance your life.
  • Work directly with your guardian angels and many other beings in the angelic realms.

Workshop # 3

The last workshop will be dedicated to Mary Magdalene and divine feminine archetypes.

(The workshop is open to all genders)

  • Activate different archetypes of the divine feminine within you.
  • Be guided through rituals to connect with female energies.
  • Enter deep soul journeys with Earth Mother, the Healer, the Artist, the High Priestess and many more.
  • Strengthen your connection to Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Sarah Tamar.
  • Learn how to integrate divine feminine energies into your daily life.
  • Open up to a more loving and peaceful life.

Workshop # 2

During this workshop Isabelle will familiarise you with the nine angels of the oceans, the Merangels, forever changing the way you go into the ocean.

  • Learn rituals and affirmations to connect to the angels of the oceans.
  • Connect to the energies of the sea and water gods of the island of Mallorca.
  • Let go and heal much of the old baggage you were/are still carrying with you.
  • Bring more joy and lightness into your life.
  • Dive into a soul journey that will open you up for miracles, in resonance with your life dreams.

Mary Magdalene & the Merangels ~ A Workshop with Isabelle von Fallois

Learn about the healing power of the angels of the ocean, connect to the energies of the sea of the island of Mallorca and activate the archetype of Mary Magdalene within you. Mary Magdalene & the Merangels are a dream team of angels to calm the nervous system. So you will also dive deep into a powerful meditation to elevate your frequency.