A Panel Discussion at RA MA Institute New York

Thursday, July 25, 2019
6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

In-Person at RA MA New York and Open Livestream on RA MA TV
By-Donation | 125 Stanton Street, New York, NY

Guru Jagat, Founder & CEO of RA MA Institute 

Trent Bar–  Trent is a multidimensional creative with with a passion for Design, Illustration and spiritual knowlege. His life is dedicated to creation and finding true happiness within. The message in what he creates reminds humanity we all live lives full of purpose and magic if we are willing to trust our own unique paths to success. Today, Trent is an author, Graphic Designer and Fine artist using creative exploration to channel energies that uplift humanity.

Kristin Moshonas– 
Kristin is the New York Director of Program Development for non-profit, Kula for
Karma, a national organization that provides therapeutic yoga, meditation and
stress management for populations in need. In this role, Kristin works with major
hospitals, service and treatment centers to create customized programs that offer
cost-free, holistic healing to their clients.

Kula programs can be found across New York City, from Bellevue to Morgan Stanley
Children’s Hospital, working with patients, families and care-givers at risk of chronic
stress, fatigue and burn out, as well as facilities catering to populations challenged
by mental health, trauma and addiction issues such as The Doe Fund, The Hope
Program and Covenant House.

Kristin is a passionate believer in the power of healing through yoga, meditation,
positive community and healthy lifestyle choices, including food and love. She feels
blessed to work in a field where she can help spread this wealth and understanding
and applies this same holistic approach to her teaching, preaching, counseling and
personal pursuits.

Coss Marte– In 2009, Coss Marte was sent to jail as the ringleader of a multi-million dollar cocaine operation. He was also grossly overweight and warned by his physician that his current lifestyle, if left unchecked, would likely kill him.

Faced with this grim prognosis, Coss started to get in shape using the tools he had — his prison cell and his own body weight. Within six months he lost 70 pounds and replicated his successful formula of body weight exercises with 20 other inmates. Then he launched ConBody a prison style bootcamp that has gained over 25,000+ clients and hires formerly incarcerated individuals to teach fitness classes. Since the launch of his company he’s been featured in over 200 major media outlets such as NBC, CNN, The New York Times, TED Talks, and Men’s Fitness. He’s also won major pitch competitions such as Pitch for Good by TOM’s shoes and the YPO shark tank competition, which combined raised $350,000.

Bethany Sanchez–  Bethany runs an educational collective, CSA farmstead and a local artisan collective to assist creators, artists, and dreamers in their entrepreneurial goals. 

Raised in a Caribbean creole and cajun family in southwestern Louisiana, Bethany grew up speaking multiple languages and absorbing the last vestiges of the unique mixtures of codes and cultures that comprised the creoles and Cajuns blended from the natives, Afro-Caribbeans, and Europeans for hundreds of years there.