Immense Grace 2017-2018

Go on a Journey of Self-Discovery, Upgrade Every Facet of Your Life, and Join a New Movement of Feminine Thought Leaders and Change Makers

The world is changing. Women are going to be leading the world on all levels and it’s going to require a different level of skill set and training. The quality of our civilization is totally dependent on the power, grit, intelligence, community and the compassion that women hold for one another.

The time to change is now.

We need to counteract the dis-ease and disenfranchisement of modern women — where insecurity, competitiveness, stress and loneliness are the status quo. But it’s going to take a little grit and training.

Under the guidance of her teachers Yogi Bhajan and Harijiwan Khalsa, Guru Jagat has continued the lineage of intensive Women’s Training to create a new model of society.

Immense Grace is an Intensive Global Women’s Training Program taking you on a journey of self-discovery and unyielding self-reverence. This is a life-changing opportunity for empowerment, self-development and self-understanding — you will upgrade every facet of your physical, spiritual, emotional and material life.

This is a new model of experiential education, not a dry syllabus-based model. Each month will be a new rigorous challenge of your mind and body.

This is an Adventure of a Lifetime. Here’s Exactly What To Expect:

  • Two 4-Day, 3-Night Deep Immersion Retreats
  • Five Weekend Immersions at RA MA Venice
  • Monthly Group Calls
  • Monthly Office Hours with Guru Jagat
  • Global Facebook Community
  • Continued Study and Creative Projects