Private Healing Sessions at RA MA Mallorca


We’re bringing the therapists and healers to you!

Book your Private Healing session during the month of January 2019 with our RA MA Mallorca favorites…

All sessions are 70€ for 60min



Mariana Salines

Craneo Sacral-Liberación Somatoemocional. The sessions with Mariana give the opportunity to listen what your body has to say about your history, blocks and desires to move towards a state of greater vital fullness.

Jhonatan Joabe

Biomedic and Holistic Therapy. Jhonatan is offering (Ayurvedic) Abhyanga massage, Lomi lomi Nui massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Indian Head massage and Reiki Healing.


EMF Balancing Technique. Saban is a gifted healer with a Degree in Kinesiology and Physiatry. Former Professor of the Physiotherapy Department of the Illes Balears University, Saban is also a Physiotherapist and Osteopath.




Neuroacoustic Astrology with Daniel Alzamora

Pioneering Acusonic Mandalas (the geometry of music theory) in 2015, Daniel Alzamora observed that a natal chart looked like the music scales he was mapping. In 2018, with the help of a CERN physicist, he began calculating and translating the key positions within an astrology chart to sound frequencies using the scientific frequency of the Sun as the root tone, tuned to 432Hz. He creates neuroacoustic astro-meditations for natal charts and special events.

Daniel also offers East/West Shiatsu based message sessions for chronic physical pain

30min Natal Chart reading: 40€

50min Natal Chart reading: 60€

Natal Chart Sound recording: 50€

Shiatsu Massage: 70€ for 60min


Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing with Harriet Emily
Through the healing powers of the Crystal Singing Bowls, Harriet will bring you on a journey into the vibration of the sound that will uplift, heal and align you. Using her intuitive gifts, Harriet will help you to remove blocks and set intentions, then by the means of the vibrations of the crystal bowls, she will clear your aura and magnetic field, leaving you uplifted and vibing higher.
70€ for 60min Sound Healing Session

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