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✨ WEDNESDAY AUGUST 22, 2018 7:00PM – 9:30PM


For yoga + meditation teachers, healers and those wanting support in receiving true pleasure and power and there will be time for questions and sharing. The feminine principle is all about connection and right relationship. To ourselves, to God(dess), to one another. We can no longer attempt to walk these paths alone, nor do we have to. We can no longer hold back our voices out of the fear of not being heard.

So often we put our healing and power in the hands of another, or we stay trapped and stuck inside fear of trust and intimacy with another, and even with ourselves. We are humans here to experience. Our souls are here to evolve and we hold so much inner wisdom that is longing to come out of the closet. Our bodies know what we need but many of us do not have the capacity to hold the intensity of repressed emotions and speaking up when we need after many years of not doing so. We constantly long to be loved, even though we are made of the stuff.

In this workshop we will explore and hold sanctuary for transforming guilt, blame and shame into a stronger connection to Spirit and one’s own intuitive awareness.

Drawing from the mystical traditions of India, Bhakti and Tantrik Yoga, we will shift into honoring the deep thread of liberation as a power inside of us that needs to be nurtured so we may keep awakening to the aliveness of being a human and restore our hearts back to vibrant wholeness.

You will learn:
• Mantra to help work with prosperity and pleasure
• Pranayama
• Somatic meditation to guide you into your own wisdom and knowing and out of blame, judgement and fear

Here are the topics we will explore:

• Kundalini Shakti, Passionate Compassion and Decent to the Goddess
• Authentic Voice, Sacred Sexuality and Taking off the Masks
• Heart Fire, Reclaiming Joy and Life as a Teacher

About Adriana:

I believe we all hold a medicine for the world inside and around us. In this time together, we will create a space where that gift in you feels supported and cultivated. The rage, the anger the desire, the mistakes, the dark side of Kundalini energy, the ways all creative beings have had their voices held back and stolen for thousands of years — we are here to get into all of it!

Through this path of courageous love, we open the door to a new paradigm of recognizing pain as a teacher, transformer, and key to our authentic happiness. It is how we learn to live in harmony with others, cease leading “double lives,” and walk in integrity and truth. We are all in this together and meant to receive and grow in the blessings of this wonderful life.