RA MA EAST | 9:00 PM
1746 West Adams Blvd. Los Angeles, 90018
Join us every Friday at Ra Ma East for the Ascension Sound Bath presented by Healing Sound Alchemy.

This is our signature reiki infused sound bath that’s designed to release old fear-based templates with the ancient sound of drums, rattles, didgeridoo, and a colorful, multi-layered sound of quartz crystal and Tibetan singing bowls for cellular level healing.

The vibration of sound medicine penetrates deep into your body throughout your DNA, bypassing any thoughts. You will be left in a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation, feeling cleansed, nurtured and empowered by this sound bath journey.

During the event, participants lie down and are bathed head to toe in sound— it’s a very hypnotic, ethereal experience.

You will come away with a clear mind, and a deeper appreciation for the wonder of sound. We strongly recommend this event for people who have trouble meditating.

Bathing in sound promotes the ancient healing practice of sound to work In a way that enhances physical health and conscious awareness.

You can wear anything that’s comfortable.

We recommend bringing:

–  a yoga mat

–  a pillow

–  a blanket or two.