It doesn’t matter what your success looks like. It matters what your experience is. 

True success happens when you apply your gifts to something you care about. Unless you do, you’ll feel like you aren’t really living your life.

What’s the biggest thing holding us back from this sense of fulfillment? It lies somewhere in the depths of our neurology.

It could be fear-based concerns around money, feeling like you have no time, a fear of taking risks, or anxiety and emptiness from always trying to hustle your way to the top.

All of this is draining your energy in a way that you’re not able to deliver to the planet what you came here to deliver.

Then you can’t experience the fulfillment of delivering your unique creative payload. And if you don’t have fulfillment, it won’t matter how many millions of dollars you have or don’t have. 

We need more role models who have purpose AND material success.

Which is why Guru Jagat created an experience that shows you the yogic tools, strategies and secrets you need to get there.

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Deconstructing the Cosmic Laws of Success and Radiant Body Technology For Explosive and Consistent Success In The Aquarian Age

Aquarian Business Academy is designed to take someone who’s hit a success barrier to a level of legacy, fulfillment and true success.

In this four-day crash course, Guru Jagat breaks down the alchemical prosperity, business and success teachings of Yogi Bhajan, followed by yogic practice to change your whole inflow and outflow experience.

“If you understand what I’m going to explain to you, you will understand that the cycle of success is a very cosmic theory.” — Yogi Bhajan





This is where you’ll learn how to thrive, create and sustain. You’ll get a secret bank of immensely Aquarian strategies, tools and best practices that’ll help you generate an enormous amount of wealth and prosperity, no matter what.


Here you’ll learn how to apply Yogi Bhajan’s mathematical theories on success. These cosmic laws relate to your axis and orbit, the biofeedback mechanisms of your internal spiritual spring and external material abundance.


Success isn’t about online marketing gimmicks or trying to keep up with Instagram influencers…it’s success by the means of YOU AND YOU. You’ll learn how to get into the flow of fulfillment and right-action, then use your intuition and energetic superpowers to amplify it in any situation.


You’ll learn the art and science of deep cosmic prosperity, plus yogic practices and sound science to amplify the wattage of your radiant body so you’re able to hold a lot more. The amount of material and spiritual wealth you can hold is directly related to how much your system can handle.


Every leader needs to know how and when to use their Managerial Mind, Executive Mind and Compassionate Mind. Discover unconventional strategies for steadfast progress and other must-haves of Aquarian leadership.


We’re going to talk about what achievement looks like in the Aquarian Age (hint: one-shot solutions won’t cut it). It requires self-mastery, which means understanding how to balance inner and outer demands, being able to see things from multiple perspectives, and establishing a personal practice.



If you’re an entrepreneur, artist, modern creative, established in your career or looking to make a transition, Aquarian Business Academy is perfect for you. We’ve seen everyone from college students to CEOs transform their success through these power teachings.


You’ll get Kundalini yoga with Guru Jagat, followed by an interactive deep dive into the yogic tools, strategies and secrets of Aquarian Business, plus lectures and Q+A sessions.



April 18-21, 2019

👉 Earliest Bird: Now $599 until February 19, 2019
General Enrollment: $749 After 


What people are saying

Aquarian Business Academy Success Stories

When I signed up for the first Aquarian Business training in 2015 my subconscious mind had a field day. “You are not a business person, not in on a start up, or work in corporate America. You can’t even manage your own bank account, running to & from the bank in order to not hear the sound of checks bouncing! How are you going to know what they are talking about? Aren’t you going to be embarrassed when they ask what you do for a living?”

I entered my first weekend with this working through my nervous system and of course it showed, I bombed on the mic when asked to answer a question. I don’t think I could even put a sentence together. The truth was I did own a “successful” business. I had a fitness studio I started out of my home where I taught 23 classes a week plus privates, as well as teaching at other studios in the area. I had been asked by investment groups to open studios and people asked me all the time “why don’t you open a studio?”

My answer was always “I love working out of my house and keeping it small, I can just roll right out of bed and teach.” But the reality was I had a huge fear of failure and not the greatest of self-worth. If the studio didn’t work in my home, no-one would know it was because I failed. If this company invested all this money in me and it didn’t work out I’d be mortified that they believed in me and I failed them…exhausting!!

Being tired of the life I was living and wanting to shift my mindset on business as well as success, lead me to sign-up for the training. The lectures, the teachings by Yogi Bhajan, the inspiring speakers and the other course participants fueled me to learn more! Too think bigger and why not me! I was introduced to the Gyan Chakra meditation.

The effects of this 11 minute meditation have made me a lifer! I credit much of the creativity that comes through and the clearing of my aura to the Gyan Chakra meditation.I started that first weekend and continue it today in my daily practice. It has evolved with me. For me, it was my game changer! The “after” effects started small. I noticed my command of the class changed, one may call it confidence. I raised my prices. I had a waitlist 15-20 clients deep. And I wasn’t seeing my friends at the bank as often 😉

I started taking the ideas I had and bringing them to life without any attachment to them. Some worked, some didn’t and I survived. Coming into the Aquarian Business Training 2018, I have an On Demand workout platform coming this summer and an athlesure underwear line in development! I say now with conviction, that “Yes, I am a business woman!”

Suzie Collis

Workout Queen Extraordinaire

I’m still catching up on & rewatching videos (virtual participant) but so far I’ve:

1. renegotiated my lease to lose the real estate I didn’t need and cut my expenses literally in half
2. Partnered with 2 of my Immense Grace sisters and Aquarian business women, Kelly and Lisandra for an OMazing pop-up event in my studio.
3. Added 2 new women to my local Aquarian women’s group (1 of which is my landlord’s office manager who also ended up getting things rolling for my husband to put in bids for roofing work on my landlords many dilapidated buildings.)
4. Took a weekend getaway without complaints bc I finally have a team I can count on.
5. Suddenly my inbox is flooded with requests for more astrology readings and private consults.
6. OH! Big One! I was approached by local arts festival to close out the week’s festivites. They asked where I would want to teach and I named the newly renovated historic theatre that, growing up, was my dream to restore and reopen but far beyond the financial capacity of any 1 millionaire. Well, it happened and reopened 6 months ago. They got permission for use within 24 hours!!! Now I will be leading a kundalini practice ON STAGE in my dream venue to close the festival!!!! I still choke up thinking about it. Dream coming true!

I’m opening up to the possibilities for my business and what is next in its (and my) evolution. And my tribe is coming out of the woodwork. The reputation that used to get me bullied in this town is now my calling card. The healers and those that need healing are cOMing hOMe. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


What a WONDERFUL weekend! so much great knowledge imparted and clarity gained for me in some points. I still have many sessions to get back to and looking forward to it. A few questions that will popup I’m sure and I’ll be back to ask more!
This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking to incorporate more thoroughly into my team coaching! Can’t wait to implement!

Lia Kananimauloa

“I’ve had a lot of weird stuff happen (good weird) It’s comical. Like, doing the Jupiter meditation live on RA MA TV and getting a work call for the next day from someone I hadn’t heard from in months. Or chanting the Har Har Har Har Gobinday and checks showed up. (That doesn’t always happen by the way, and also – FYI – don’t get stingy in your view of what abundance looks like. You have to be vigilant sometimes to recognize the flow and good fortune that is happening. A friend buys your coffee. You find a quarter on the ground. The woke life can be super subtle. You have to pay attention.) Now after three years of practicing, experimenting, phasing in and out of meditations – I find myself in an entirely new career realm that is exciting, elevating, challenging, successful, and supported.”

Andrea Wright

The Crystal Situation

“[Since Aquarian Business Academy] I have started two businesses. One is a relaunch of a new and improved existing business, the other is a brand new business. Both are lifelong dreams. I am doing all of this while still working full time as a Chief Brand Officer of a public company. Its hard to believe that all of this has happened since the last training, but there you have it…I wouldn’t have the audacity to ask God for quite so much.”


“Things are on fire! And all of this came “out of the blue” as something that feels so far beyond where I think I am, or ready for. But it’s here! And I keep showing up, trusting and doing the work. When thinking back, all of this was helped along by both my Kundalini practice and the momentum created at Aquarian Business Academy.”


“Luv Luv Guru Jagat and all of Rama Institute staff from the Aquarian Business Training! Being an entrepreneur and owner of a jewelry store, the Aquarian business training provided me with serenity, courage and creative powers to make myself and my business transform. I could not have been happier that I attended the training and I encourage those who are looking to boost their intellectual, financial and spiritual energy to attend!”

Steven Pheng

Inta Gems

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