Venus Gate 5


Wisdom of the Virgo Venus Stargate —
Within days of the eclipse, this is a key to unlock your virtue, (venus in virgo), leadership, authenticity and personal freedom.
A foot in the doorway

“If you don’t understand how the universe is working to the best of your capicity, then you’re kind of being lazy.” – Tashi Powers

Venus virgo virtuous energy – an evolutionary requirement to give up GUILT, MARDERDOM AND VICTIMHOOD.
Everything must be seen as empowerment rather than drama, trauma, betrayal.

Energy grids are available to us just like using a mantra – if we understand it we can use it well to not have drama/ trauma but have soul growth.

Sunday  July 15th, 2018

8:00PM – 9:00PM PST


REPLAY Through JULY 23rd 2018