Valentine’s New Moon Solar Eclipse Special Mallorca Workshop Bundle


Enjoy all four workshops celebrating Valentine’s Day, the New Moon, and the Solar Eclipse in this energetically amplified weekend.

Join Guru Jagat and Harijiwan from Mallorca, Spain, and practice these powerful meditative experiences along with the Global RA MA Community.





Infinite Heart Valentine's Day Special Workshop

 A Valentines Day Special Workshop with Harijiwan, Guru Jagat and Gurujas


"Today is a Valentine Day. It has a lot of story but it is a Day of Love. Somebody became a saint and love was infinite. And we send each other card: Be my valentine, I am your valentine, We are the valentine...Why can't we not be everyday a valentine of each other? Why do not we have fix a frequency? Why not? We are actually valentine of each other. We have a vigor, we have a valor, and we have a virtue of life. There is no need that we should not be valentine." - Yogi Bhajan 2/14/1994

Dawn of Imagination Special Workshop with Harijiwan and Guru Jagat

New Moon in Aquarius
Solar Eclipse
Special Workshop with
Harijiwan and Guru Jagat

Resounding Clarity: A Kundalini Yoga and Meditation + Extended Gong Experience

Special Workshop with
Harijiwan and Guru Jagat

Aquarian Communion - Deep exploratory Meditation with Guru Jagat

Special Kundalini Yoga and Deep Meditation Workshop

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