The Rebirthing Series with Harijiwan & Mandev | May – June, 2023


Rebirthing meditations are specialized meditative spaces that reprogram the brain of past memories or events that block our energy.
In this 5-part series with Harijiwan & Mandev, you will deactivate past negative memories, gain freedom from layers of harsh memories, and gain the power to create the life you want to experience.

How do Rebirthing Meditations work?
Memories occur when the senses send signals through the nervous system that are etched in the grey matter of the brain. When consciousness searches for analysis across brain patterns it encounters these etched magnetic, memory images. Depending on the electricity generated by the nervous system it either has the power to bypass the memory and create a new experience or the past imprinted memory dominates awareness and consciousness.

In the Aquarian Age, mental processing speed has increased, but this acceleration has not deactivated the negative memories that were installed.

This powerful 5-part rebirthing series will deactivate the magnetic signal system of your negative memories.

The complexity of an artificially intelligent computerized world requires a more aware and precise organization of our brain. We need to direct our energy to be present, aware and awake.

Join Harijiwan & Mandev for this powerful transcendental experience.

SESSION 1: You Arrive as a Soul
SESSION 2: Reconfigure Your Neuron Frequency
SESSION 3: Heal the Impact of Your First 11 Years
SESSION 4: Clear the 7th Year of Your Mind
SESSION 5: Clear Distractions from the School Years

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The Rebirthing Series with Harijiwan & Mandev | May – June, 2023