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Sacred Wood Essence | Palo Santo Pure Essential Oil


Palo Santo Essential oil has a strong Palo Santo scent and is medicinal – traditionally used for clearing the sinuses, supporting the respiratory system, and easing headaches or asthma symptoms.

Sacred Wood Essence has been working directly with the same family in Ecuador for over 11 years to obtain our Palo Santo raw materials. They have worked directly with the ministry of forest and government agencies on reforestation projects including putting back over 100,000 trees into the dry tropical forest for the last 20 years. They only purchase wood from independent local collectors that find naturally dead trees that have been sitting on the forest floor for over 4 years.

Exercise Caution and Consult a Doctor before use. Do not consume internally or use if pregnant.

DO NOT INGEST.  Always USE carrier oil when applying DIRECTLY ON THE SKIN.

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  • Description

    • Palo Santo 100% (Bursera Graveolens) Essential Oil – 15ml
    • External use only
    • Sustainably sourced, harvested, and distilled

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Sacred Wood Essence | Palo Santo Pure Essential Oil
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