Merge Your Mind with Mary Magdalene


Merge Your Mind with Mary Magdalene
An Immersion with Isabelle von Fallois, Mandev, & Shabadpreet

2022 is the year of Mary Magdalene where the transcendent consciousness of the re-integration of the Magdalene Mysteries and the Divine Feminine is being illuminated within the collective consciousness.

  • Kundalini Yoga for attuning your physical body and nervous system to prepare the mind and rare meditations to merge with the mind of Mary Magdalene
  • Receive transmissions from Mary Magdalene from Isabelle von Fallois and develop your own ability or deepen your connection to these transcendent light beings
  • Learn mantric frequencies for aligning your vibration with the elevated frequencies of the Ascended Masters

Mary Magdalene: “True clairvoyance is the ability to see beyond the Maya of the human mind and through the Maya of the World.“ – Isabelle von Fallois

Originally presented June 4, 2022

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