Kundalini Training: The Ten Bodies (Virtual Day Pass)


Kundalini Training: The Ten Bodies
with Harijiwan, Tej, Gurujas, Mandev, and Shabadpreet

Wednesday, February 2 – Sunday, February 6, 2022
9:00am – 6:00pm PST

Virtually live-streamed from RA MA Los Angeles

This training will provide basic and advanced principles of the Ten Bodies. Pick one day to attend virtually. Purchase includes live-stream of the entire day + infinite replay of the sessions. 

Most humans only relate to the physical body. However, the human body is a vast complex of energies on many different levels consisting of seven chakras, three gunas, five tattvas, and Ten Bodies. As a human being, you have one physical body, three mental bodies, and six energetic bodies. Each of the Ten Bodies have distinct powers and capabilities, which can be consciously used to navigate the physical plain in an intentional and powerful way, and accelerate your life path.  

Discover the full spectrum of your Yogic Anatomy and access your entire energetic system.

Wednesday 1/2/22: 1st & 2nd Body; Soul Body & Negative Mind
Thursday 2/3/22: 3rd & 4th Body; Positive Mind & Neutral Mind
Friday 2/4/22: 5th & 6th Body; Physical Body & Arc Body
Saturday 2/5/22: 7th & 8th Body; Auric Body & Pranic Body
Sunday 2/6/22: 9th & 10th Body; Subtle Body & Radiant Body

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