Immense Grace Presents: Femme Frequency Fundamentals


Immense Grace Presents

Femme Frequency Fundamentals
A Womxn’s Evening with Guru Jagat

Join Guru Jagat & a curated lineup of special guests for a special ceremony where you’ll tap deep into the collective ancestral wisdom of all womxn kind through psycho-somatic sojourning, deep meditation, and the “self-care” teachings of ancient lineages.

You’ll learn yogic self-care practices, femme nutrition, yoga and meditation specific to the female axis of chi, hormones, and the nervous system, the songs and sound codes of eternal feminine empowerment, and more.

Come away feeling refreshed, relaxed and grounded and with ancient “self-care” technologies to create balanced, sustainable longevity.

Friday, August 21, 2020
4:00pm-8:00pm pdt

use coupon code:  femmefrequency for 100% off at checkout

This is a virtual only experience, streaming live and on demand. Questions to [email protected]