High-Tide Reflection


A day of deep meditation and self-elevation with Gurujas

You have worked for 8.4 million lifetimes to get access to these powerful, precious teachings. In an instant, they have the power to illuminate your reality in ways beyond comprehension, rooted in and reawakening a path that is recognized by the true radiance of your soul. You have found these teachings, while these teachings have found you.

Bask in the gift of this technology and experience rare, deep meditations. Find yourself in greater resonance with your sense of infinity and your authentic, genuine connection to this lineage.

Gain a surge of fortified energy and a supreme, crystalline intuitive beam to ride high on the tides of all this human life brings to us to experience. Within you lies to capability to maneuver any situation to one that brings you more energy, more courage, and more grace.

Live from the nucleus of your soul’s highest calling. Reflect the highest caliber of you.

Originally Presented on Saturday, July 23, 2022

Virtually on RA MA TV

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High-Tide Reflection