The Five Secret Laws – Day 2


A Special Class Series with Guru Jagat

Day 2 of 5
July 28, 2020
9:00am-10:30am PDT

“Who knows these five secret laws can be the creative happy person.  First cosmic law is that he depends on the cosmic energy as a beloved depends on the fragrance of the lover. And in every moment of distress he must not look to any other power except one Creator, the cosmos, he shall never, never be unhappy.  Second law is, when you will realize truth, you will speak truth, you will practice truth and you will not let anything enter your aura which is not truth, you will be living God, question of unhappiness cannot arise.  Third cosmic law is, when you will not dwell or create any action of yours on any negative force, which will build up a negative cage for you, you will always live happy.  And fourth cosmic law is, you will be the giver and never the beggar.  And the fifth cosmic law is, you will always be the custodian of the Creator Divine and breath is the gift to you. If you remember these five cosmic laws, there is no power, which can destroy you. Even God shall ask you before dealing with you.”

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