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Indigo Unveiled | Cosmic Serpent Tanzanite Earrings


Tanzanite is poised between a lush blue, vibrant violet, and rich purple. It is found only in one place on earth, near majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. It is used for spiritual work on the upper three chakras: Crown, 3rd Eye, and Throat. These stunning earrings include large chunks of organic-shaped Tanzanites, and pearl accents. They hang on chunky spiral serpent earrings.

Inspired by the sacred geometry of the gold mean ratio, the spiral serpent moves in the same way galaxies spiral out to continually expand throughout space. When observing the human body with an aerial view, the kundalini serpentine energy works its way up the spine in spirals until they cross at the top of the head.

The intention for these earrings is to symbolize the sacred divine feminine energy within the Cosmos, and the pure cosmic energy that is awakening within our bodies.

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    • Vermeil (silver dipped in 18K gold)
    • 50ct Natural Blue Tanzanite.


    Indigo Unveiled was born in 2015 by Los Angeles native Stephanie Lee.  Each jewel unveils the hidden wisdom of ancient civilizations. Her inspiration comes from the teachings of alchemy, plants, astrology, symbols, and ancestral archetypes.

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    Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in

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Indigo Unveiled | Cosmic Serpent Tanzanite Earrings
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