Beginning Kundalini Yoga with Mandev (Drop Ins)


Introduce yourself to the basics of Kundalini Yoga.
Deepen your experience of the fundamental practice and key concepts of Kundalini Yoga.

All levels welcome.

Session 1: Beginner’s Mind
Session 2: The Chakras featuring special guest Harijiwan
Session 3: Mudra & The Planets
Session 4: The Power of the Bhandas “Locks”
Session 5: Oneness of You in Yourself

+ Bonus Practice Videos:

  • Tershula Kriya
  • Sodarshan Chakra Kriya
  • Har Aerobic Kriya

Mandev Khalsa is an award-winning filmmaker and creator of My Moon Map™, an IOS mobile app to track your moods and behavior pattern using the ancient yogic science of the Moon Centers. For years, Mandev has deeply researched esoteric energetic structures in yogic teachings to discover energy and power. She seamlessly guides the class through a mandala of yogic postures, pranayam, and meditation with an emphasis on conscious breathing, proper posture, applying precise techniques to open an infinite flow of energy in you. Each class with Mandev is deeply transformative, profoundly healing and fun.

Originally Presented: February 4 – March 18, 2023

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    In Person, Virtual


    Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Session 4, Session 5

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Beginning Kundalini Yoga with Mandev (Drop Ins)
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