Ancestral Dream Tracking


with Sarah MacLean Bicknell

Saturday, February 9, 2019
7:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Mapping and tracking your dreams is an ancient art. It is a process that we share with our ancestors and remains relevant today. They dreamed, we dream, and with the art of bringing our dreams through into daytime, we become a bigger part of all that is happening.

Dreaming is a practice- a way of connecting and being that never arrives but creates a continuous informing thread back into our awakening lives.

Dream tracking is based on the ancient premise that everything is alive, that there is another reality running parallel or alongside us. Running 24/7, it is outside the realm of ordinary words and speaks in a language that rhymes and connects outside the field of rationality in metaphor, synchronicity, and magic.

Dreaming is a reality outside the ego and the physical body, and there is no separation of past, present, and future. This is a place where everything is occurring now. Conscious recall of night dreaming increases well being and synchronicity into our waking lives. Dream Tracking is a practice that allows you to remember and work with your dreams. Through this simple practice, we can access the healer, the wisdom keeper, the ancestors, the wise woman within. The dream brings it back up into the waking world of sunlight where our dreams work and weave into our daily lives with grace, spaciousness, support, and creative solutions. If we consciously connect and practice remembering our dreams, it is possible to participate and contribute to a new vision of our world with an opening for us, together, to sculpt new forms out of the dreaming light into a new day.