The Alchemy of Consciousness | Day 3: Illumined Mind


Day 3 of a 3-part esoteric experience of meditative transmutation and crystallization with Santosh

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

7:00-8:30pm PDT

Virtual Ticket on RA MA TV or In Person Registration Here

Explore the vast and ancient powers of portals, pyramids, geomancy and gemology as instruments of higher consciousness. Become a living pyramidal temple and enter the illuminated sanctum of your own crystallized mind.

Day 1: Crystal Cave- Primordial Portals of Prophecy and Protection

Day 2: Golden Path- Initiating and Alchemizing Perdurable Prosperity

Day 3: Illumined Mind- the Immense and Magnificent Power of your Crystalline Projection

$50 in advance/$55 day of per session

Register for all three sessions: CLICK HERE for $122 bundle

The Alchemy of Consciousness series is included for RA MA TV Live Members


Santosh is an artist and founder of Ben-Ben, a company specializing in creating bespoke pyramids. Each pyramid is constructed from an alchemical combination of metals, crystals, gemstones and other precious materials collected from some of the most powerful places on the planet. For millennia spiritual adepts have used pyramids to conduct off-planet energies. Using this ancient technology, Santosh draws on her deep experience of esoteric sciences and teachings to create these pyramidal portals into highly charged, positive energetic realms. Cast during astrological alignments and on ritual dates, the pyramids are numerologically coded for maximum effect, each housing a unique configuration of elements and crystal grids designed to broadcast powerful, transformative frequencies.Over the last 15 years Santosh has traveled the world visiting places of power with her teacher, Harijiwan. The sacred objects, waters and relics she has collected and the transmissions she has received meditating in these places have deeply informed and continue to inspire her work as an artist and as a yogi.

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The Alchemy of Consciousness | Day 3: Illumined Mind
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