Let’s get back to basics.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a solid sadhana, these fundamental practices are ideal for anyone looking to upgrade their everyday situation. Each class delivers its own special effect, so you’ll always have exactly what you need at your fingertips.

#1: 11-Minute Fitness Booster
Har Aerobic Kriya

One of Yogi Bhajan’s classic fitness practices. In just eleven minutes, this kriya stimulates the glands, builds-up stamina and gets the body in stellar shape. If you’ve got time to scroll your Instagram feed, you can fit this simple practice into your day — just turn it on and adjust for low-impact or high-cardio, depending on your needs for the day.



#2: Pure Workout Science
Self-Care Kriya

Aerobic + restorative = Self-Care Kriya, an intelligent set to condition the body from head to toe. This comforting kriya allows you to get a workout in no matter what climate, season, or how your feeling on any given day. Ideal for winter weather when you’re stuck inside, or to practice in a park on a warm sunshiny day.



#3: Recharge Your Inner Sun
Immune System Booster

This pranayam uses the “sun-breath” to take out viruses and bacteria. How does it work? Stimulates the nervous system, glands, and right hemisphere of the brain to auto-adjust the immune system. This process clears away inner conflict, so you’re left with a sparkly, energized feeling. You’ll see.



#4: Water Meditation
Meditation for Emotional Balance

This meditation neutralizes strong emotions and reactivity. It’s an essential tool to help you adapt to high-energy times (like Eclipses) or when you’re stressed and out of options. Because you’re made up of ~70% water, your well being directly relates to balanced levels. Grab a glass of water before practicing.



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