In order to make Immense Grace available to all women, Guru Jagat is offering a limited number of scholarship positions to young women ages 26 or under who are building lives for themselves and may not have the financial means to fully fund their continued education.  There are also a limited number of scholarships for women of any age experiencing try financial hardship.

Before you apply please keep in mind that in addition to the Millennial Grace initiative and the Immense Grace Scholarship Fund, Guru Jagat and the RA MA Foundation fund women around the world in extreme and real poverty to be a part of Immense Grace who would never be able to afford it otherwise and are struggling to meet the basic human needs of themselves and their families.

If you have the means to participate in Immense Grace as a Full Paying Participant you make it possible for us to give a chance to a Woman out there in truly desperate circumstance to be a part of this life changing community.  Thank you for your integrity and your application.  We look forward to meeting you!

Immense Grace Millennial Special