RA MA Holiday – Ultimate Success & Fulfillment

Ultimate Success & Fulfillment

Bring your great vision for 2023 to life.


Path of Creativity

Join Guru Jagat on Mallorca for this unique guided experience into your own creative depths. Achieve the ultimate success and fulfillment you’re looking for in 2023 through this reflective, meditative, and activating process with Guru Jagat.

Economics of Infinity

Get serious in the New Year with bringing the Economics of Infinity into your life.  Tap into your largest vision for prosperity, success, a fulfillment in this sampler from RA MA Business School:  The Economics of Infinity with Guru Jagat. 

Mental Curing, Sophistication & Success

Fast-track your growth and personal achievement in 2023 with 4 focused and powerful experiences with Guru Jagat using the agility of your mind through meditation and yoga to propel yourself to your own extraordinary heights.

Triple Royal Recalibration

Let Guru Jagat guide you through your own visionary and creative potential in this intimate, personal, and highly unique experience.  Perfect for jumpstarting your 2023 vision you can expect yoga, meditation, and guided practical exercises for crystalizing and solidifying your intentions, goals, and the concrete results of making them happen.

Best of Camp Grace

Discover the legacy of Camp Grace — the immersive women’s community created by Guru Jagat. Previously member’s only content, these Camp Grace experiences are now available for all to discover the power and depth of the women’s teachings. Sample our favorite sessions from Camp Graces over the years.

Yogic Science Academy: The Bhandas

Get specific and exponentiate the effects of your practice with this focused and applied experience of the Bhandas (locks) with Guru Jagat.  An understanding of the Bhandas is valuable for beginners to experienced practitioners to command the movement of consciousness-raising energy through the body.

Chevron Amethyst

Renown for its soothing, clairvoyance-amplifying effects, this amethyst will enhance your intuitive intelligence and support you in your every endeavor.

Moon Juice Ting

Bio-avaialble energy without the caffeine.  Nourish your brain and body for maximum energy to slay the day.

RA MA Relics

Create the environment for your deepest, most fulfilling year yet — visit RA MA Relics for our bespoke collection of energy-enhancing objects for the home, office, or any other space you’re looking to bring an energetic boost to.


Explore daily live classes, thousands of hours of content, and the support of a vibrant global  community with an annual membership to RA MA TV,  RA MA TV Live, and Aquarian Women’s Leadership Society. 

For information about RA MA’s Holiday Wellness Salon and 2022-2023 programs, reach out to our team at [email protected]


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