RA MA Holiday – Love & Relationships

Love & Relationships

Love is the most meaningful and compelling human drive.

Deep and successful relationships are the fulcrum around which a fulfilling life turns. Learn and experience sophisticated yogic techniques to foster the passionate, deep, and fulfilling relationships you desire and deserve to have.
Cultivate real self-love, transformatively heal, and expand your perspective and experience around what the relay of love can be. Whether you’re looking to attract the ideal partner, desiring to enhance your current relationships, or just feel the call that you can show up more open-heartedly, receptively, and generously, these yogic teachings, wisdom, and practices will kick-start your expansion.
Make 2023 a year that pulses at the highest frequency of love.

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Love: Altitude & Alchemy: Digital Bundle

Expand your capacity to attract, hold, give, and receive love. Explore self-love, partnership, and soul-vitality, in these dynamic workshops with Mandev, Myrah and Robindra and Siri Rishi.

Heart Centered Holy Days: Digital Bundle

Harness the magic of the holiday season and New Year beaming. Release anything holding you back and propel forward into momentum focused on family, hearth, and unity in these immersive sessions with Guru Jagat.

RA MA Crew Picks: Relay Arts, the Masculine and Feminine

Gain the foundational wisdom on conscious relationships in these prospective-shifting and life-changing workshops with Guru Jagat and Harijiwan. Explore the giver and taker dynamics, how to practice this high yoga of relay, and how to evolve continuously through your relationship with others.

Love & Relationships

Relationships are the highest form of yoga. Explore the deep well of yogic teachings on fulfilling love and relationships. Learn more about the mind-body connection and foster unique pathways to find enjoyment in all of your relationships.


From our Global RA MA teachers, explore workshops to heal, reconnect with your soul’s power, interplay with the cosmic wisdom, and magnetize greater love. Practice with Tej, Mandev, Siri Rishi, and more.

Devotional Arts

Through the Sacred Feminine Devotional Arts, the opportunity to give one’s gifts becomes second nature. Reach into yourself and rediscover the artfulness of the sacred feminine.

Ultimate Beauty Immersion

Experience in the alchemy of ancient yogic practices and secrets for radiance, longevity and vitality for all parts of the body and mind. Project your highest frequency internally and externally to attract, hold, and grow relationships of great caliber and enrichment.

Curated Jewelry Collection

Adorn your body with high vibrational pieces of jewelry to systematically increase your energy field.

Rose Quartz Sphere

The love crystal—- putting Rose Quartz in your space amplifies your ability to open your heart and to give and receive love.

Absolute Beauty

Hailed as the pioneering Ayurvedic beauty book, Dr. Pratima Raichur’s best-selling text offers an in-depth reflection on living holistically within the wisdom of this ancient science. Make this study an act of self-love to prepare your field for more expansive interplays.


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