Guru Jagat, Author of Invincible Living: The Power of Yoga, The Energy of Breath, and Other Tools for a Radiant Life

Guru Jagat’s presentations are¬†a grand synthesis of spirituality, science, cultural commentary, self-help, and millennial catchphrases. A savvy orator, she breaks down spiritual concepts candidly and with encouragement and irreverence. Guru Jagat can riff¬†on yogic philosophy and practical tools¬†for all facets of modern day life, including money, career, love, body image, relationships, to prosperity and more.


  • High Level Focus and Energy through Mindfulness Techniques
  • Understanding The Brain and Endocrine System for Increased Functioning
  • Conscious Caliber Of Effective Communication
  • Trailblazing Business Applications through Yogic Science
  • Office Morale through Conscious Mindfulness Practice
  • Quick Anti-Stress Applications
  • Vitality and Wellness in the Workplace
  • #Meditation Trending Now for 5,000 Years
  • Yogic Beauty Secrets: Endless Beauty and Real Vitality at Any Age
  • The Neuroscience of Yoga and Meditation
  • Your Mind and the Quantum Field
  • New Age-New Relationships: Sex, Love, and Intimacy in the Age of Technology
  • Woman: A Living Legacy‚ÄĒCreativity and Leadership
  • Dharma Art: Creativity with Impact
  • Rhythmic Intelligence and Group Consciousness: Yogic Tools for Purpose, Effectiveness, and The Mastery of Time and Space
  • Re Create the Biochemistry of Happiness: The Practical Applications of Yoga and Meditation

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