Immense Grace: The Art of Feminine Embodiment & Sensuality

Immense Grace Presents

The Art of Feminine
Embodiment & Sensuality

Friday, February 11 - Sunday, February 13, 2022

Friday: 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST
Saturday: 9:00am - 6:00pm PST
Sunday: 9:00am - 3:00pm PST

Virtually with Infinite Replay & In Person in Los Angeles at RA MA Institute

This Valentine's Day Weekend, reclaim and redefine your subtle feminine energy.

Valentine’s Day is about more than just your relationship status. Your embodiment as a woman is actually the precursor to romance, sex, sensuality, and pleasure.
This Valentine’s Day weekend, come fully into your own body. Deepen your physical and energetic receptivity, and reclaim the power of your sensuality.

The Experience

Your embodiment as a woman is actually the precursor to romance, sex, sensuality, and pleasure.  

This Valentine’s Day weekend, come fully into your own body. With Kundalini yoga and mediation, sensual embodiment movement, womb steaming and Maya abdominal massage, deepen your physical and energetic receptivity and reclaim the power of your sensuality.

Relaxation in the feminine sensory body is a way of being that savors every moment as a way to celebrate being alive.

Experience the openness and security in the body’s lower centers and glandular and hormonal richness in this dedicated time for sensual self-maintenance. 

What to Expect

What Is Immense Grace?

The year-long Immense Grace journey created by Guru Jagat is a guided exploration into the workings of the full facets of your own 5D Femme. Using self-psychology practices, yogic technology, and the power of  women in sacred council — you’ll experience revelatory breakthroughs in your self-concept as a Woman.

These weekend immersions offer a profound and fulfilling opportunity to enter into the Immense Grace experience, explore women’s teachings that are prescribed and necessary for these times, and forge relays with women of high caliber all over the world.


All times PST. Schedule Subject to Change.




Sheila Govindarajan

Marcia Lopez

Danny Neifert

Shabadpreet is a teacher trained in Yogi Bhajan’s healing technologies and various other subtle and physical healing modalities. Since her first encounter with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation in 2008 Shabadpreet has studied with her teacher Guru Jagat. Shabadpreet’s classes are fun, meditative, deeply healing, and provide a variety of tools that you can take into your daily life.

Mandev Khalsa is an award-winning filmmaker and creator of My Moon Map™, an IOS mobile app to track your moods and behavior patterns using the ancient yogic science of the moon centers. For years, Mandev has deeply researched esoteric energetic structures in women’s teachings to discover energy and power.

Her App and upcoming film, “The Moon Centers,” reveal the unique relationship women have to the moon and how to they can unlock and access these infinite lunar powers. Film awards and nominations include: New York International Film Awards; Los Angeles International Film Festival; Los Angeles Film Awards; Paris Play Film Festival.

Harmanjot discovered Kundalini yoga, met Guru Jagat, and began her rigorous study in 2008. She is a creative and curatorial assistant on many RA MA courses and the founder of Infinity MA, a full spectrum maternity course covering all stages of the journey – from fertility to the post-natal 40 days.

Gurujas is a kundalini yoga teacher and a singer, songwriter, and musician. She has gained a worldwide reputation as the lead singer of White Sun, a Grammy®-award winning band, and a Billboard #1 artist.

As a kundalini yoga teacher, she is known as being intensely devoted to the accuracy of the teachings, as well as incorporating contemporary science and practical every-day applications. As a singer, she is known for her distinctive vocals, her ethereal live performances, and her ability to heal through song. She spends her time creating music, teaching kundalini yoga, working with clients, and raising her two young daughters.

Sheila Govindarajan is a licensed Clinical Ayurvedic Practitioner and Medicinal Aromatherapist. A Los Angeles native, Sheila was raised by two Western physicians yet surrounded by her South Indian community, its rich culture, customs, and her mother’s healing, vegetarian cooking. Sheila’s path to Ayurveda arose after a harrowing experience with the Western medical system’s treatment of a loved one. She is the founder of Rasa Veda Healing, which offers consultations, PanchaKarma, and self-care therapies. Sheila is also the creator of a line of organic, wildcrafted or biodynamic herbal medicated Abhyanga oils, salves, Ayurvedic herbal tonics, and custom blended aromatherapy oils.

Marcia Lopez is the owner of Women’s True Healing. Marcia is an accomplished healer serving the Los Angeles communities since 2005. Marcia uses the old ways in new ways and has been achieving extraordinary results in 

female reproductive health dysfunction, infertility, and sexual trauma recovery. She blends her expansive knowledge and initiations with her own healing/recovery journey to create a space that is safe, profound, healing, and empowering. Her work aims to give power to the healing of people and planet.

Danny Neifert was born on the Navajo reservation in Monument Valley, Utah where she spent a large part of her childhood. True to being a former white water river guide she believes that life is an endless changing river of adventure and the best way to understand something is to jump in and get dirty. She has immersed herself within several communities over the years including The Society of Friends (Quakers), the Right Use of Will movement, a Gurdjieff commune as well as studying with Michaela Boehm since 2008 until present. Danny is a holistic solo entrepreneur ( and mother of two grown children, ages 29 and 26. She has extensive experience in sustainable home building, elder care, gardening, nutrition, death & grief, yoga, eating chocolate, bubble baths and off grid living. Danny divides her time between Santa Barbara, CA and Boulder, Colorado.

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The Art of Feminine
Embodiment & Sensuality

Friday, February 11 - Sunday, February 13, 2022

Engage With The Revelatory Power Of The Sensual Self.


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Bundle February’s Embodiment Weekend with THE March Immersion on Relationships

Get access to the full experience live in Los Angeles or Virtual around the world

$499 Single | $599 Duo

The March immersive weekend is open to all genders and orientations. Come solo or with your partner. Explore the yogic relationship teachings and learn how to create depth, add excitement, and set a rock-solid foundation for satisfaction in love, sex, and all of your relationships.

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