RA MA Nourish Cleanse NYC 2018

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Get ready to purify your body, mind + spirit in a whole new way — because by the end of the RA MA Nourish Cleanse, you’ll shed away layers while feeling really energized and vital.

You’re about to experience a nourishing detox that heals the body, pulls toxins from your system and replenishes the blood, organs, and tissues at a cellular level…so you get healthy skin, digestion & energy while staying meditative during the holidays.

You’re also going to learn how to make Guru Jagat’s secret blended Chi drinks that will enhance your metabolism, support weight loss and give you lots of electric energy.

The secret yogic cellular detox

Detox your body internally, rebuild the nerves, and replenish your energy with two daily Deep Body Cleansing Kundalini Classes with Harmanjot + Guru Jagat.