RA MA Nourish Cleanse 2019 NYC

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Get ready to purify your body, mind + spirit in a whole new way — because by the end of the RA MA Nourish Cleanse, you’ll peel away layers without a single hunger pang.

You’re about to experience a food-based detox that heals the body, pulls toxins from your system and replenishes the blood, organs, and tissues at a cellular level…so you get healthy skin, digestion & energy while staying meditative during the holidays.

This cleanse isn’t about juice fasting or starvation for the sake of losing weight. It’s about nutrient-dense meals, curative morning elixirs, medicinal herbs and Kundalini kriyas to warm up, clean out and renew your whole body. This will literally change your vibrational frequency and make your Reality much more subtle.

The RA MA Nourish Cleanse is the most pleasurable way to cleanse while getting you into a very healing space. Do the 5-days and you’ll soon see — being aware of what you eat and how it works with the Ten Body system is a major superpower.

Cleanse Includes PDF with recipes and cleanse guidelines, including a complete list of supplements and ingredients that you may source locally in advance.