Business, Commerce & Creative Success in the Aquarian Age
May 4-7, 2017


Feeling called to expand your work in the world? Aquarian Business School with Guru Jagat and Tej will show you how to align your mission with your highest vision and amplify your leadership in the Aquarian Age. Learn yogic tools, strategies and secrets to clear subconscious blocks and create immediate and long-lasting prosperity in your life, career and finances.

Some Highlights We’ll Cover At Aquarian Business School 2017:

-Thriving, Creating, & Sustaining: The Foundations of Aquarian Business
-Goals and Prosperity Practices
-Subconscious Sabotage Deprogramming
-Activation of Creative Energy into Tangible Result Patterns
-Magnetic Adjustments: The Art and Science of Expansion
-Leadership Tools for Steadfast Progress
-Enduring Times of Hardship and Crisis with Grace
-Development of New Aquarian Age Commerce Conditioning

Participate In-Person & Virtually On RA MA TV
In-Person: $499 Pre-Register by April 15 // $599 After April 15
RA MA TV: $399 Pre-Register by April 15 // $499 After April 15